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It’s wheely useful: My mummy tester recommends the Scoot ’n Pull strap, so you can pull your tired toddler home on their scooter. You can also keep them close-by in busy places, or when they’re just learning and haven’t got full control of their wheels yet. The lead converts to a strap so you can sling the scooter over your shoulder to carry it.

Health Notes, YOU Magazine, Mail on Sunday, November 2011

'While the Mini Micro Scooter makes light work of getting small children across the park and along the pavement, it involves a certain amount of co–operation on their part if everyone is to arrive at nursery on time and in one piece. Scoot'n'Pull (£6.99;, an upgrade of the dog lead I used to use, attaches to the front of the scooter for crossing roads, or for pulling scooter and rider along when legs are tired, and then works as a carry strap for the solitary walk home.'

Daisy Bridgewater, The Telegraph, September 2011

'As always — simple ideas are best. All of us, mummies of Microscooter-users, know that Microscooters can be tiring, and pushing a 2-year-old home on his/her scooter can result in a really sore back (and not to mention, a foul mood)! Also, the scooter doesn’t really fit in the buggy, does it? Now, with this simple invention, the Scoot ‘n Pull, you can simply pull your kid when he’s tired, and carry the scooter over your shoulder when not in use! Brilliant. I have already thrown my Scoot ‘n Pull in our buggy. Great to have around!'

Babyccino, September 2011

'Super Cool Alert! Say hello to Scoot n Pull , a handy bit of kit that enables you to either pull your child along while of course keeping them close (like a sneaky harness actually) and you can also use it as a carry strap and sling it over your shoulder. Light to pull and very easy to fit on, it comes in blue, pink, red, purple, green, and yellow. We’ve tried it, we love it and it’s only £6.99 including postage – swoooop! For those of you like me that fear about your hands coming into contact with dirt from when you use it as a carry strap, you can wash and drip dry it. Oh, and it fits all 3-wheeled scooters.'

Bambino Goodies, September 2011


Stuff: things we really should have invented but didn't: The Scoot n Pull - designed by Camilla Alban Davies - a mum with a baby and a tired, scooting toddler - earlier this year is a no-brainer. A coloured fabric lead that helps stop that back ache you get from bending down to pull your too-tired scooter user. Works as a carry strap too.'

Little Big Magazine, September 2011


'I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to schlep my son’s scooter for long distances after he would become too weary to ride. In addition, I’ve become easily frustrated by him either riding too far ahead or too slow! That is why I am a HUGE fan of the Scoot ‘N’ Pull. I now have a bit more control over his scooter exercise. He also LOVES having me push him while he steers. This small but powerful strap has ignited a new love and passion for his scooter that he started losing after riding his balance bike. Woohoo!'

For full review: DoesMommyLoveIt? October 2011