Scoot 'n' Pull

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How do I attach Scoot Beamz to my scooter?

Just wrap the straps around the scooter pole and fasten the velcro straps so that they are tight.

Which scooters can this light be attached to?

Scoot Beamz can be attached to all brands of scooter. The straps are long enough to fit a Maxi Micro, as well as working on a Mini Micro.

Can I get Scoot Beamz wet?

These lights are water resistant, but not water proof. A bit of rain won’t be a problem, but don’t drench them!

How many colours are there?

This light is available in blue, pink, green and yellow.

Where can I buy my Scoot Beamz?

You can buy it here! Just click on 'Buy Now' to make your purchase.